Friday, May 14, 2010

I need to start getting Organized

I've been doing some research lately on how to get more organized with some things and found a lot of good information out there. I've always been a very organized person and love to be organized, but lately I've been so un-organized and need to get myself back on track before I love everything and my mind :)

So, Any who. First of all I want to have more of a budget for things. Such as grocery shopping. We've never really had a budget, but I think organizing my spending on groceries and things might be more helpful to me for planning dinners and who know by doing this I might even save some money. That is always a plus. 
This website has been super helpful with some idea's and I got to download a meal planner PDF and a grocery List PDF. It's pretty awesome and excited to get started with it and use it soon. 

If you have any meal planning or recipe ideas for me send them my way. 

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