Tuesday, October 26, 2010

One child is easier

Yesterday, I ventured off to Reno, Nevada to get some grocery shopping done. I live in Lake Tahoe, Ca...yes, but if you want to go to Target, Walmart, Trader Joe's or Whole Food's, I have to drive down the hill 30 or so minutes, depending on weather and shitty drivers, to get down there from my house. So, the dreaded shopping trip can consume a whole weekend day, or the whole evening after work.

Anyway, I had to pick up Mackenna's friend Braeden at preschool as well yesterday. I just had to get some groceries and some things for the house yesterday. I thought to myself, I will just take both kids with me and get this done tonight.

Driving, from store to store and to and from home was the easiest part of the trip.

I was thinking a little bit during this mission with a 2 year old and a 3 year old, that it would be best that we stopped and had dinner first. I hate feeding my kid fast food, but it sometimes is the only option. Yes, we went to McDonald's. They were pretty happy, and they got a cool Halloween bucket. My first stop was Trader Joe's. I'm used to just whipping around that store in about 20 or so minutes, because I know where everything is. However, last night, that just did not happen. I was so busy dealing with the kids that I kept forgetting what I was getting, or what I didn't get and it was just crazy. 

We then went to WalMart, my lease favorite store, maybe it's just weird and creepy in Reno. I was zipping away in the store, again it took much longer than usual with 2 bubs in the cart. 

Where am I getting at with this?

I thought I was so ready for another child, but the thought of that being a issue, no matter where I go and what I do. It just made me think.... Having a second child is going to be hard. I commend all mama's out there with 2, 3 and even 4 kids. You are hero's in my eyes. I'm a little intimidated with 2 kids last night, but I did it and I was exhausted last night. I just wanted to sit in total silence. 

One child completely changed my life, and I'm now I can only imagine how a second child could change my life just as much. Or does it really change?