Monday, June 1, 2009

Grandpa and Great Grandpa Visit

This weekend Mackenna's Great Grandpa came to visit us from Seattle, Washington. His softball team played in a 60 and over tournament in Reno, Nevada. It was really nice to see them. My dad, grandpa, aunt, uncle, susan and Ian all got together for my grandpa's 75th bday at Olive Garden. It was a  brand new one in Reno, and it was absolute chaos. We waited for an hour and a half, and they never called us for our table, even though they told us it was a 25 minute wait. It was ridiculous. My uncle, the pain in the butt he is, talked to the restaurant owner and he told him that he wasn't happy and their service pretty much sucked. At the end of our dinner the manager asked my uncle if 25% off was satisfactory for the bill. My uncle, told him no. Anyway the $170 bill turned into $66 bucks. My uncle is awesome. My dad stayed the night with us last friday night and I took him to his first in-and-out burger experience. My dad is still convinced that dicks in seattle is better, I don't think so! It was a really good weekend and good to hangout with my family. 

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