Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Daddy almost fainted...

It seems like yesterday I was told I was going to be induced a couple days after my last visit with the doctor. 

It was July 22nd when I went to see the doctor for the last time. He told me that if I wanted since I had family members coming into town that I could be induced that Thursday July 24th. Oh course I did what any pregnant woman would do at full term and said please, please I will take that date. I was so excited to have a date and also nervous because all I could think is that OMG I'm going to have a baby by at least friday. I called the hubs on the way home and told him, "so the doctor wants to induce me, and ummm I'm going to be induced on thursday." Dead silence on the other end. He just told me ok and then an awkward hang up. I went home and cleaned like mad and made sure everything was perfect. 

I'm not going to bore you to death about the nasty details, because if you are a mom or dad you know how it goes, and what everything looks like. I'm more interested in telling you all about my hubbs and how hysterical and nervous he was during the whole 48 hours of before, during and after my induction and labor. 

Ok, back to the story, my hubs and was kinda beside himself. He was not expecting to be dad that week. (I mean my water could have broke right then and there), but the fact we had a date scheduled freaked him out. Anyway, we both didn't sleep a wink that night, and in the morning it was kinda of weird just walking to the maternity ward and signing in. I was admitted and the hooked up on the IV's and the potossin was pumping through me. Ian was pacing and kinda just annoying me. (if you are ever induced it's a lot of sitting and waiting).

Hours passed and the pain started to intensify. I was induced at 6am and by 9pm that night I was begging for the epidural. (FYI the hubs does not do well with needles... at all). He was standing next to me holding my hand while the doctor administered the numbing stuff in my back. My hubs to urn and see what he was doing and he saw the doc putting in the cathader in my spine. The hubs almost dropped to the floor. The nurse made him sit down since he is like 6'3" and no one was big enough in that room to catch his fall. 

After I started to feel numbly and good, we decided to watch a movie. The Father-in-law brought the hubs a 6 pack and it was gone pretty fast... and hour later I was starting to feel the urge to push. After an hour of pushing the nurse asked the hubs nicley if he wanted to be the first one to see his baby's head... of course out of it he took a look and went weak in the knees again. By this time I was just hysterical to the way he was acting. 

A few more hours later, I couldn't get Mackenna out on my own, so we had to use the vaccume to get her out. Finally after just 15 more minutes she was finally out. When the hubs saw her head he asked the doctor if her head would stay a cone shape. He was freaking out. The doctor assured him that her head would return to normal. I think after the night, he was ready to leave the hospital for a minute. I think before he headed home for the shower, he hit up the bar. : ) It was a crazy time for him but he made it through.

365 Days in Pictures: November 9th

Monday, November 8, 2010

It's beginning to Look like Christmas

My Front Yard @7:15am

Last night it snowed. Only an inch, but that means we are hopefully right on track for the resorts opening up here for the busy weekend of Thanksgiving. So, I woke up to an inch of snow, and was super excited to put Mack's new boats, snow pants and Jacket on this morning for preschool. She wasn't so stoked on all that stuff on, but she looked so dang cute.

Then I went to Starbucks to get in the spirit of snow and cold, and got a egg nog latte, in a red cup. I'm usually in denial of Christmas until like a week before and try and rush to get everything done, but this year I'm going to try and get more in the spirit earlier. I want to get some sewing done, and some blankets made for the family. Although, I went into target and OMG, it was like an christmas bomb went off. I will still try and get in the spirit.

Egg Nog Latte.. Red Cup. 

Friday, November 5, 2010

McFatty Friday - Update

Quick Update:

I've been going to the gym for the last 10 days. No weekend days, just work days. It has been awesome. Now I just need to stick with it. 

My favorite salad I've made this week for lunch:

Lettuce (romaine) 
Spring Mix (herb)
Kidney Beans
red cabbage

Dressing: Light Thousand Island or Balsamic Vinegar

Morning SuperFood Shake w/peaunt butter toast

Dinner: Whatever is on the menu plan, but keeping the portions small.

Next week, I'm going be brave and give you some numbers and maybe even a photo ;)

What do you do to stay healthy... ?

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Thankful Thursday - I'm a working Mom

Any of you mom's that work full time might feel the same guilt I carry. When I had my daughter Mackenna 2 years ago, I knew that I was just not going to be able to be a stay at home mom. I had to work. I work on average 50 hours a week and sometimes more depending on the overtime needs at my job, which is a lot. I can get some fatty checks, but sometimes those weeks I see little of Mack. There are time, when I get home and she is already in bed and I hadn't seen her all day. I would love to be a stay at home mom and I'm so jealous of my friends and other bloggers for that matter that are stay at home mom's. But, then again I think that we either stay at home or work for a reason, and my reason is to be the working mom. Life can be very busy at times, to where I want to scream. I have little time after work to get the millions of things that I want to get done. It's gotten better because I calendar out a cleaning schedule, meal planning and laundry. So, then I don't feel like I have to do everything every night. 

The above has changed a little. I was working 6-3pm for the last 4 years at my current job. When Mack was ready for preschool and due to me and the hubs schedules at work I had to change my shift to 8-5. I know, welcome to the real world of 8-5er's. I now get to see Mack every morning. I'm the one that gets to wake her up and see her smiley face first each day. I get to pick her clothes out for the day. (I usually only got to do this on the weekends), but now I get to do it everyday. What Mom wouldn't want to pick out her little girls outfit everyday... duh! We get to rock out in the car together on the way to school every morning. Mack loves to sing and dance in the back of the car and look just as stupid as me. 

This is how my day goes...

5:45-6amish - I wake up and get straight into the shower. If Mack is awake we lay in my bed for 10 minutes and watch cartoons. 

6:20ish - I'm out of the shower. I get dressed while Mack is still in my bed watching cartoons. 

6:30ish - We move to the living room and I make her a little something to eat. (They eat breakfast at preschool too).
* While she is eating I make her lunch and mine. 

6:45ish - Time to clean her face, brush hair, teeth, and wrestle her on the floor to get dressed. She continues to watch her cartoon, while I get the rest of my stuff together. Feed the cat, feed Mack's gold fish, get gym bad together. 

7:00ish - I got start my car and warm it up. 
* Then I go back inside make my toast and superfood shake. 

7:15 - Mack likes to grab her own lunch box and I grab her things that are needed at preschool that day and we load up into the car. 

7:30ish -7:35ish - I drop her off at school. I help her put her lunch away in the cubby and take her coat off and make sure that I sign her in. 

7:40ish - I'm off to work. I usually drive to work in silence, or I will jam to the same song Mack and I were listening to earlier.

7:45 - I'm at work, ya I'm only 5 minutes from her preschool. 

That is how my morning goes. Before I worked 8-5 I was leaving the house at 5:30am before anyone in my house was awake. I didn't really see Ian or Mack. Now, I get to see both of them everyday and have the morning with Mackenna. I still get bummed that I can't be home with her everyday, but I'm thankful that with my new schedule at work, her starting preschool, that I get to be with her every morning no matter what. 

What are you thankful for this week? 

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78. Seeing Mack's Face every morning
79. New Cast Iron kettle for Fireplace
80. My Droid X 
81. Mack's hugs and kisses
82. Evening's laying on the floor by the fire, watching a movie with the family
83. Making it 8 days at the gym thus far
84. Yoga classes
85. My Job

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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Wordless Wednesday

Happy Wednesday! 

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Mack's First 3 weeks of Preschool

Mackenna is on week 3 of preschool and now I'm posting about her first day with photos now. Ok, I know lame. Better late than never I always say : )

So the night before I was little bit of a wreck. I thought my house had to be perfectly clean and her room and clothes all washed and ready to go for the week. I packed her lunch the night before in her new lunch box, and made sure her name was written on everything. 
I didn't really sleep a wink that night, because I was afraid she wasn't going to like it and they would be calling me tomorrow at work to come and pick my monster up. I got up real early the morning of the first big day and was making sure that her backpack was all packed up and then I woke her up. She usually sleeps in until 7am, but for preschool she needs to be up no later than 6:15am. She was so grumpy, to say the least. I pretty much had to pin her down on the couch just to get her shoes on. By the time we were running out the door it was 7:10am... we were looking pretty good to be on time to preschool that starts at 7:30am. I was on the main road headed to Mackenna's school, when I realized that I left my hot iron on. I turned around and zoomed back home to turn that the stupid thing off. I jump back in the car and by this time Mackenna is loosing her patience with me. I told her not to worry we are really off to school now. 

We finally got to her school, and I started putting away all of her stuff in her new cubby. Then I watched her play for a little bit and she completely forgot I was even there until I asked for a hug and kiss goodbye. She turned around and told me "no! cya mummy." At first I was sad, but then I was super happy that she was going to have a good time at school. I walked out to my car and realized that even though she is two years old, she is still my little baby. It's hard to realize that they are a little person and not a baby anymore.
So far, we are on week 3 of school and the morning's are getting easier and running more smoothly. I swear her vocab has increased beyond my expectations. She is really loving school. 

Monday, November 1, 2010

Happy Halloween!

I hope everyone had a safe and fun Halloween.

I bought 7 bags of candy and we ran out by 7pm. So, next year I'm thinking it's going to take Costco size candy bags. Mackenna had a really good time trick or treating. We hit up our street first, and then we went to a neighborhood in town a little ways and Mackenna got loaded up on the candy. She asked me for a piece this morning for breakfast. Don't think so....

Mackenna had a lot of fun trick or treating this year as Tinkerbell.